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5 Straightforward Tips To Build Muscle Faster And Better

There is no quick pill to help you build muscle overnight, but there is clearly a right way to approach this task. With a combination of good workouts, well thought out meals and a positive attitude, you can see major gains in even short periods of time, and that is what we will explore in this blog post. Here are 5 straightforward tips to build muscle correctly:

1. Eat More Often

This might seem a bit counterproductive but in reality, the classic 3 meals per day plan is quite anti muscle gain. You see, because of the large break in between meals you lose energy and your body compensates by using your muscle tissue instead. Not only that, but with the classic 3 meal plan we tend to eat more than we should because we simply get so hungry in between meals as we are no doubt tired from work, doing choirs around the house, working out and so on. The solution is to eat more regularly, preferably 6 meals per day spread out evenly. This way, you’ll eat smaller portions but with less time in between them. The result? Your body will process the food faster, you’ll put on less fat but ingest the required amounts of protein and nutrients to stimulate muscle growth, all the while keeping you well fed and satisfied.

2. No Isolation Workouts

Another common misconception when trying to build muscle fast is to work a different area of your body on each given day. Say work your abs on Monday, your legs on Tuesday, your arms on Wednesday and so on, you get the picture. Well, that’s actually not the most ideal way to go about it. First of all, by focusing so much on one muscle group you’ll get exhausted faster and will finish your workout at only half the required intensity. That muscle group will get tired and you’ll essentially be forcing it for the rest of the workout, and injuries can happen, as well as exhaustions. The solution to this is to stick to basic all rounded routines and exercises that work out more muscle groups. Chest press, Squats, Deadlifts, Biceps Curls, Pull ups are good rounder exercises to perform on a daily basis.

3. Lower Reps But Heavier Weights

People think they need to workout 2-3 hours per day at least to build muscle quickly. That’s not necessarily true. While you may work out for 2-3 hours at a time once you are in shape already, it is not recommended for someone starting out, or someone who wants to build muscle in the fastest amount of time possible. Instead, aim for shorter reps with heavier weights. By using progressively heavier weights your muscles will always be forced to work harder and harder each time you visit the gym. High reps are recommended later on, when you’re looking to tone your muscles and build some endurance, not at the beginning of your process, remember that.

4. Don’t Work Out Every Single Day

That’s right, you don’t have to over do it by forcing yourself to work out each and every day. You’ll get tired and fed up quickly, so you’ll be far more likely to give up completely. Everyone’s body requires rest and recuperation in order to finally develop into the shape we want it. A healthy body needs rest, so don’t put yourself through long and painful daily workouts that can physically injure you and prevent you from reaching your goals. Ideally you want to work 3-4 times per week, that’s it. As long as you perform the workouts correctly and cover all the muscle groups, you’re building muscle the right way!

5. Make Sure You Get Proper Sleep And Rest

A good night’s sleep will not only help your body heal and be ready for a brand new day filled with activity, but it will go a long way to secure your mental well being as well. When you sleep your natural anabolic hormones rise, these are growth hormones that will aid your muscles to repair themselves after the strains of workouts, enabling them to grow and properly develop. Every study has shown that a good 8 hour sleep is needed for a proper anabolic hormone production, so make sure you don’t have a messy sleep pattern. This is something you should discipline yourself to do.

Follow these 5 simple tips, and you’ll start building muscle faster than every before, and in a completely healthy manner!

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