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The Best 3 Exercises For Building Leg Muscles

Never skip leg day is what they say right? And they’re right, because strong legs are essential for anyone who is serious about building muscle. The legs have the most powerful muscles on our body so they must also be strengthen in order to lift weights on a regular basis and avoiding injury at the same time. Many people starting out want to focus primarily on arms, chest and abdominal muscles and are known to neglect their legs, either doing too little leg exercises or none at all. We’ll be looking at 3 simple exercises that are tailor made and simple to follow, to help you get a well proportioned body.

The Squat

This is probably the most basic and common knows leg exercise. The reason is because it works and it can be performed pretty much anywhere without equipment or preparation. Of course, you can and should go to the gym and perform your squats there as you can use weights and machinery to help you out until the thighs get stronger. Position yourself with your legs a bit apart and rest a barbell across the back of your shoulders. The next step is to bend your knees and lower yourself down while keeping your back perfectly straight – this is extremely important, as not keeping your back straight could lead to injuries or at least severe back pain. When you get all the way down, while keeping your back straight, it’s time to raise your body back to standing position using only your leg muscles without locking your knees however. Make sure to breathe in and out throughout, preferably breathing out during the exercise and breathing in when the muscles relax.

The Leg Press

This exercise is ideal to increase the size and strength of your leg muscles. In case you have some back pain which can be experienced by bodybuilders from time to time, this is an excellent exercise to perform as it doesn’t put pressure on your back. To do this correctly, you need to position yourself with the back on the leg press in a vertical position, and grab the hand holders for stability. Now place both feet against the weights and push away using your leg muscles only. Make sure you don’t push with your back or your butt as you may be tempted to do so when your legs start to get tired. As you perform this exercise in time you will keep increasing the weights as your muscle mass increases. Do as many sessions as you can without getting completely exhausted. Again, breathe in when you come back to the starting position, and out when exerting the force. Do not hold your breath.

Leg Curls

The leg curls will only focus on your hamstrings which can be found to the back of your thighs. You need to lie down horizontally on the leg curl machine on your belly and stretch your body out. Make sure the support pads are well positioned between your ankles and calf muscles. Now simply lift both legs at the same time in a smooth motion toward your back. Bring the legs as close as possible and then release the weight slowly to the starting position. Make sure to keep the movements as smooth as possible and breathe in the same manner as with the other two exercises.

When just starting out with bodybuilding, these 3 exercises will make sure your legs are well taken care of.

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