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From the fourth century to the year 2019

From Chanel to Galliano. How has fashion changed over time and which were the main agents of change in the history of fashion?

Let us now delve into the history of fashion to understand everything behind the pieces of the pieces we wear today.


If you want to become a fashion professional or already work in the field and want to improve yourself, know that, first of all, you have to understand the historical context that has transformed the need to cover the body in something much greater.

To be a good fashion designer or designer, the professional must be within the historical, geographical, economic and social aspects that end up reflecting the way people dress.

So to begin with, we separate some content according to each century so that you understand what the contribution of each era to fashion was.


To replace the heavy feathered costumes called Kaunake, at the beginning of this period only a simple tunic was used. But the Greeks introduced the use of the drapeado (clothes camisetas evangelicas  with folds or undulations) and the toga, a kind of mantle. Already with the Egyptians, the glittering dresses appeared, which shaped the body up to the knee.

Among the men, their usual outfit was basically a white robe, with belts shaping their hips and, above them, a mantle draped in linen or wool: the typical Egyptian dress we are used to seeing in movies.


The landmark of this era was the fall of the Roman Empire. In fashion, the reflection was the use of embroidery, stones, glitter and lots of color in the robes and togas.


Tissues began to evolve: silks, linens, velvets, wool,camisetas gospel, fine linen cloths (also called “beads”) appeared. Not counting the fabrics of Syria and Palestine, such as the silk and the gauze.


The ornamentation becomes greater, since the women’s clothing gets more farfetched. Women get bodices that fit up to the hips and skirt with cracks. They use both long and fair sleeves and adorned with animal skin.

Hats, veils and caps come on the scene. The men wore tight knit tights and over, a sort of fair bodice. On the feet, shoes with long and thin ends.


It was the moment of extravagance! In the Renaissance period, society became more questioning and, consequently, more curious. This generated cultural impacts that also reflected in clothing.

The skirts became longer with long tails. The hats, with line and brass armor, turned into costumes.


Following the splendor of the previous century, at this time even more elements appeared in the garments. The skirts became wider and more arched, thanks to the petticoats, made of starched gauze and a metal ring, placed on the bars of the skirts.

The waists became finer with the use of the padded corset that opened on large collars and laces. Breathable sleeves were also worn up to a certain height, which fit the cuff and ruffled.



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