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Remember These 5 Tips If You Want to Have Sex with A Transsexual

As far as sexuality is concerned, the world is very dynamic, and the choices of people always keep changing. Sex does not distinguish between colour, race, age or any other prejudice.

As the internet has given so much accessibility to porn videos, nowadays people are more willing experiment on untouched territory, particularly regarding sex with transgender women.

Usually sex is never a difficult thing to do but sometimes if it comes to unknown things, then useful information from a professional can always put you on the right track!

Following are top 5 tips to keep in mind when you approach for sex with any shemale in the City of Love.

  1. Low expectation

You must not get us wrong but having expectation can be awesome! In order to have a really good experience, it is always better to know in advance what you prefer but do not expect all life fantasy of yours to be fulfilled in a single instance.

For both sex as well as life this is applicable.

  1. Research

You need to do little research and try to watch few transsexual porn videos, so that you may get much better feel of what will you prefer and what you will not.

Understand few of the sexual terms e.g. Greek, cuckold, rimming, missionary, top, bottom etc. If you want to be at bottom, understanding how to properly clean yourself for proper penetration is highly needed.

  1. The meeting

Like you meet anyone else, you must always treat transsexual also with due respect and show common courtesy, following usage of proper addressing. You certainly would not like to ruin your mood by calling transsexual a gay or shemale.

If a person is wearing female dress, then address that person as female. Just because transsexual may either have penis or even not, so make sure sexually you are mutual beforehand. You must not choose bottom position in case the girl is not into it.

  1. Sexual courtesy

Being a man, maybe you may not want to get finger up the butt or also get choked while indulging in sex. Certainly, everyone must address their own comfort and limits during sex.

If you want to take up more dominating role in bed, then always consider the need of your partner too, in order to continue momentum. Following are few key tips regarding transsexuals:

  • You must ask if she is comfortable if you touch her hair

  • Also, ask her if she will like touching her face, as few girls are too touchy about their makeup

  • Must ask if it is ok if you touch or suck her cock as few girls like it, while few don’t

  1. The moment

When you get horny then surely, your cock too is already throbbing. Don’t worry! This will be the right time for enjoying yourself and try to lose yourself only for that moment.

You must be little playful and attempt few new things.

A transsexual cannot get pregnant, but they always play and try to think safe! So, safe sex will always be fun.